About Periop-MLS


“After interviewing members of the hospital surgical staff, we learned that the biggest obstacle to efficiency wasn’t a medical issue at all — it was communication. There are so many patients, nurses, technicians, resources and steps to the surgical process that staff members often find themselves making repeated phone calls for lab results, frequent requests to determine if a patient is ready for surgery and multiple visits to an OR to determine if the current surgical case will be closing soon — all because of a lack of real-time communication. We wanted to change that.”                                                             - Dr. Kevin Taaffe, Principal Investigator



This application is being created with the purpose of creating new tools for healthcare providers to achieve improved coordination in periop services by improving individual workflows, resolving systematic issues and changing staff behaviors.



These are the goals of the application:


  • Enhanced communication and coordination among Periop staff and quality of care by gathering key workflow milestones and introducing artificial intelligence (AI) techniques

  • Intuitive displays of real-time information for frontline staff and a daily performance dashboard for managers

  • Behavioral and cultural change in healthcare systems through training and education



Professional Interviews


How would the mobile app improve communication?

How do you communicate with others in the hospital?

How do you prepare patients to be ready for the OR?

What's your opinion about the paper-based system?